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  • Animal Rescue Front reserves the right to deny any adoption we deem unsuitable. The adoption is a transfer of guardianship, and the animal adopted shall not be sold, leased, loaned, bred, or used in any manner for financial gain, or for any other reason other than companionship. By signing this application you are also agreeing that should there be any reason you would have to surrender your animal you are obligated to surrender the animal to Animal Rescue Front, Inc. or one of our representatives. Please sign in the following box. Thank you!
  • Any animal adopted by Animal Rescue Front, Inc. must be spayed or neutered (if not already) by 6 months of age. A $60 reimbursement is available to you once we receive proof of surgery.
  • I certify that all statements made by me on this adoption application are true and correct. I acknowledge falsification of any information on this application can result in my being denied adoption of an animal or confiscation of an adopted animal. By signing this document I am also agreeing to return the animal to Animal Rescue Front should I deem this adoption unsuitable for the animal or if my ability to adhere to the requirements herein change. I recognize that all adoption fees are non-refundable once the animal has been formally adopted. By checking this box you certify that all statements are true and correct.

ARF Board of Directors

Chris McLaughlin

Chris McLaughlin’s life’s purpose became clear when the floods of Katrina receded. The toll the disaster took on the lives of the animals of the Gulf Coast ignited a passion and purpose that continues today. “ARF’s work will live on because of the lives we met, the lives we saved, and the lives we lost.” …Read More

Nick Wright

Nick Wright lives in New Hampshire, with his wife, Kristine, and their two children, Henry and Olivia as well as four dogs, Bam-Bam, Little Bear, Boo and recent addition, a blind pup named Rosie. Bam-Bam, a Great Pyrenees, is the canine equivalent of Eeyore, and will happily keep any bare feet warm in the winter. …Read More

Jan Mitchell

Jan Mitchell resides in Boulder, CO and has been fostering animals for her local humane societies and rescues since 1991. She met Chris in New Orleans while doing post-Katrina animal rescue work and she has worked with rural farmers in a small village in Ghana since 2001 teaching gentle handling of their working animals. Eventually, …Read More

Dr. Duni J. Schutzengel DVM.

Dr. Schutzengel began her veterinary career as a student in Italy and then continued her studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. from which she graduated in 1984. From 1984 until 1996 she worked in multiple small animal and emergency clinics throughout Virginia and Maryland as a “relief vet.” In that capacity she provided both …Read More

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